Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathrooms are often the rooms with the least space, but the most amount of clutter that needs organising! While you may think that having a small bathroom limits the amount of storage you can have, there is a huge number of minor adjustments you can make to your bathroom that can help in your quest for more bathroom storage!

Use height – Shelves are cheap and easy to make and can be used to store towels, toiletries, and you can even use them to hold mason jars, which look lovely when used to store bathroom essentials! Shelves with inverted brackets also add a quaint, shabby chic look to any bathroom!

Secret Storage – Medicine cabinets have been used for years above sinks to hide unsightly bathroom items, but did you know you can also get full length mirrors that double up as storage! Great for homes that have very little space in their bathrooms. Another great storage idea that doesn't take up much room is spice racks – not just for the kitchen! These can fit in even the tiniest of spaces!

Depth – How much can you cram into that space underneath your sink? Adding sliding drawers and shelves on the inside of doors in the cupboard under the sink is a great way to help utilise what space you have, and keep everything organised!

Magnetic Strips – While this is more of an organiser than a storage solution, magnetic strips are cheap and can be easily added to the walls around your sink (or anywhere else) and can help you avoid the inevitable pile of bobby pins, tweezers and nail scissors that don’t have a home in your bathroom!

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