Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bespoke Finishes - Metal Leaf

Hurlingham have the facilities and craftsmen to individually tailor your bath. We have a variety of finishes available, in addition to our polished and painted finishes.

For something a bit more luxurious and special, metal leaf offers a beautiful finish. At Hurlingham we offer a choice of real and faux metal leaf finishes, which are hand applied by our skilled craftsmen. Each individual leaf is carefully applied to give either a smooth or slightly patterned finish.

With a huge selection of metal leaf styles and colours available, the possibilities are huge, allowing you to be daring when it comes to bathroom design decisions.

Galleon - Faux Gold Leaf

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Hurlingham Explained

At Hurlingham, our quest is to offer a distinctive collection of original and classic reproduction free-standing baths, while creating individual refinements to add something truly momentous to the bathroom.

Our classic reproduction baths are inspired by designs of times past, but incorporate our own personal touches, leading to a unique range. With traditional cast iron, copper and brass baths available, there is something in our collection to suit all tastes and decor.

Our original cast iron baths are fully restored, and shot blasted to remove the old enamel before being re-enamelled using the genuine authentic vitreous enamelling process.

With a range of over 3000 paint colours available, along with a seemingly unlimited range of bespoke refinements, Hurlingham can offer you a truly unique and timeless design.