Thursday, 19 March 2015

Bathing and its Health Benefits

Thanks to busy modern lifestyles, a quick shower is often favoured over a long soak in the bath, but baths can do wonders for your health, not to mention they can help you relax and de-stress after a busy day or week.

Did you know that certain bathing ingredients can support internal cleansing and overall health? Some of these include:

Baking Soda – Adding baking soda to your bath can be beneficial for those suffering from swollen glands, sore throats or soreness of the gums & mouth.
dissolve 4 cups of aluminium-free baking soda in a bath as hot as you can stand it, and stay in the bath until the water has cooled.

Epsom Salts – A bath with Epsom Salts can be beneficial to heart & circulatory health, can lower blood pressure, ease muscle pain, and eliminate harmful substances from the body.
To get the health benefits from this detox bath, dissolve 2 cups of Epsom Salts in a comfortably warm bath, and stay in for at least 12 minutes.
Sea Salt & Baking Soda – This detox bath is great if you travel a lot, as it is therapeutic for exposure to radiation, x-rays, aeroplane flights and airport screenings.
Before soaking away in a sea salt & baking soda bath, do be aware that it will make you sleepy – so it is best to have this bath at night time before bed.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Adding Apple Cider Vinegar to your bath is a great overall detoxer, and is perfect for aches and pains!
Add 2 cups of pure apple cider vinegar to a bath as hot as you can handle it and stay in the bath until the water has cooled.

Essential Oils - w
ith just a few drops of favourite essential oils you can transform your bath time in to a haven of relaxation and spa like tranquillity.
With a little experimentation and a little research you can find out the perfect oil or combination of oils that will help what might be ailing you on a particular day.
Don’t reach for the painkillers next time a bath might be just the tonic to perk you up when you’re feeling ill or down.