Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Case Study: Sampan Bath Stylised

Despite not being renowned for its use with water, wood is fast becoming one of the favourite materials for use in a bathroom. Wood can do wonders for your bathroom, and not just on the floor! It can add warmth & depth and soften the harshness associated with ceramic tiling used in lots of bathrooms.

Our Sampan bath was recently featured in a bathroom design magazine showcased in a clients’ bathroom, where we discussed the teak cladding and the use of copper within the bath. The teak contrasted well with the copper, which was carried across into the bathroom accessories, namely the towel rail and the taps, adding a modern twist on what would be a very traditional bathroom.
The wallpaper was another favourite! It is so unusual to see a textured wall in a bathroom, due to its ability to make a room look slightly smaller, but the textures here matched perfectly with the teak, and added extra warmth that may have been taken away by the large-format tiling.

The fur rug was added to help soften out the entire look, as well as adding to the luxury of the bathroom, making for a spectacular bathing experience! 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Metallic finishes have been popular in the home for quite some time. From chrome to gold, in recent years people have looked towards selecting metallic finished furniture and accessories when it comes to renovating their home.

This year it seems that copper is leading the way as the top choice for stylish interior, and it is easy to see why thanks to its practicality and beauty. Copper is the perfect material if you are trying to add a little traditional style into your home, thanks to its use in the most traditional homes, and you don’t have to look far to find stunning sets of copper pans, but what about adding copper to the bathroom? Luckily HurlinghamBaths has a stunning collection of hand beaten copper baths that will help you turn your bathroom into a luxurious and relaxing space!

Our copper bateau is a very large and deep bath, and would be perfect for those with a good sized bathroom! From the roll to the plinth, it is made entirely from hand beaten copper, so is therefore not for those unsure of whether to add a coppery touch to their bathroom!

Another Copper Bateau, except this time it features a brushed nickel plinth and interior. While this fits in with the copper trend beautifully, the brushed nickel also offsets the brightness of the copper, allowing for a more toned down look! It is also perfect if you have silver/chrome or even nickel accessories in your bathroom.

The Dory is one of our most popular baths, and it’s easy to see why thanks to its enormous size and beauty! This particular version of the Dory is clad in teak wood, which contrasts nicely with the copper, and allows for a more toned down bathroom design. Teak wood is quite dark, and if you are wanting a lighter wood for your bathroom, you’re in luck, as it is also available clad in Oak!

If baths aren't really your thing, our Copper Rotunda shower tray might catch your eye! It also comes in two sizes, so even if your bathroom is on the smaller side, you can choose the size your bathroom would be able to accommodate!
As copper is set to be the biggest trend this season, you won’t have to look far to find stunning matching bathroom accessories!

Monday, 9 February 2015

The Montpellier! - Our New bath!

Hurlingham baths are proud to introduce to you our first Wooden Roll Top Bath – The Montpellier!

This stunning bath is made from solid Cast Iron, featuring a vitreous enamel interior, and the exterior can be painted in any paint colour you choose! Pictured here is the Montpellier painted in Farrow and Balls “Ball Blue Ground”.

The wooden roll top is a new feature for Hurlingham Baths, first used in the early 20th Century when people recognised the added comfort brought by the warming texture of the natural wood. Whilst the bath you see here features a solid dark, rich mahogany roll, you can choose to have a lighter toned oak, meaning you can match the colours to your existing bathroom d├ęcor.
This highly sophisticated Cast Iron bath also boasts an impressive depth, as well as having a charming shape and curves.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Introducing…. Marble baths

Marble – just the word itself brings thoughts of the Taj Mahal and other stunning sculptures to your mind. Marble has well and truly become a cultural symbol of luxury and refined taste. But what if you could have a little bit of luxury in your bathroom?
Hurlingham baths is proud to present its beautiful collection of marble baths, ranging from our prestigious white veined Simba, to the wonderful Tivoli, which is available in a number of different marble colours.

Our marble Tivoli baths come in Hand Carved Honed: Black, Chocolate, Egyptian Yellow, Travertine and White veined, and here is the Travertine Tivoli:

Featuring stunning curved detail throughout the length of the bath. The organic veins of the marble run through the entire bath as well – further adding to its luxury.
Then comes the Simba. This is truly one of the most stunning and luxurious baths on offer from Hurlingham Baths, and features a beautiful, intricately detailed lion head motif, as well as carved inlays running throughout.

There are truly no other words for this collection of baths other than luxurious – and they are a luxury you can show off with pride.