Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Case Study: Sampan Bath Stylised

Despite not being renowned for its use with water, wood is fast becoming one of the favourite materials for use in a bathroom. Wood can do wonders for your bathroom, and not just on the floor! It can add warmth & depth and soften the harshness associated with ceramic tiling used in lots of bathrooms.

Our Sampan bath was recently featured in a bathroom design magazine showcased in a clients’ bathroom, where we discussed the teak cladding and the use of copper within the bath. The teak contrasted well with the copper, which was carried across into the bathroom accessories, namely the towel rail and the taps, adding a modern twist on what would be a very traditional bathroom.
The wallpaper was another favourite! It is so unusual to see a textured wall in a bathroom, due to its ability to make a room look slightly smaller, but the textures here matched perfectly with the teak, and added extra warmth that may have been taken away by the large-format tiling.

The fur rug was added to help soften out the entire look, as well as adding to the luxury of the bathroom, making for a spectacular bathing experience!