Monday, 19 January 2015

The Galleon in leather/fabric wrap – a bath with a difference

Having a highly decorative house can be great, a multitude of colours and interesting furniture can make your home stand out from the rest, but when it comes to bathrooms, it can be difficult to find baths to suit your décor… that is until now!

One of the most popular baths we sell is the leather/fabric wrapped Galleon, and it’s easy to see why when it comes in such a huge variety of different colours, patterns and textures.

A great example of a leather-wrapped bath is the zebra print Galleon. It is a traditional cast iron bath with empire curves and coated with leather! You may be thinking, surely the coating will get wet? We thought of that too! The unique roll edges ensures the least amount of water will come into contact with the sides of the bath, as well as the leather itself being treated with a durable water and stain repellent.

Another great example of one of our popular coated designs is the cow hide coated bath. This is truly unique, and you won’t see it anywhere else! This bath is recommended for the larger bathroom, where there is some degree of air movement, and is not recommended for use where it will be in constant contact with water, such as next to a shower.
Our unique range of bespoke finishes means you can dare to be different with your bathroom décor. We can coat a bath in anything from velvet to fur, and all of our baths come with a guarantee.