Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Making a design statement

You may think that bathroom design is a bit limited, often with little space and basic choice of materials. However, these days the bathroom gives many ways to explore your style and express your personality.

Not only do you have a choice of bath styles, of colours, and thousands of tile finishes and patterns to choose from....now you can also choose the finish of your bath!

Hurlingham offer a choice of over 3000 colours alone, allowing you to either match your bath to your chosen scheme, or to create a complete statement or contrast. The tub is often the centrepiece to the bathroom so, instead of blending into the background, why not create a true focal point?

At Hurlingham, we offer a range of stunning free-standing baths which are beautiful in their own right. We also offer a range of genuine leather claddings, which can add that extra wow factor to your bath tub. Not only does the leather look fantastic, whether a plain colour or patterned finish, but it also adds a wonderful texture. We can cater for all tastes, and can order the textile to match your exact requirements - contact us for more details.

Take a look at some of our examples here: